1st November 2021

Ski France – design notes

Sometimes its all in the details. Our Ski France design is a dynamic graphic with shapes that hint at skiing and colours that instantly say France – but getting to the final design was trickier than we thought.

We got off to a fast start by taking the three bars of the French flag as a starting point – we found that elongating them and pitching them at an angle created a dynamic shape that also had a sense of ski tracks going down a mountain. But three coloured bars on their own aren’t enough for a ski t-shirt and solid slabs of colour don’t look that good on a screen printed t-shirt, they need to be broken up a little bit. Here’s some of the many variations that we tried…

In the end we went for a distressing effect which broke up the coloured bars nicely and added a great retro / vintage appeal.

Our Ski France t-shirt is available in shortsleeve and longsleeve variants – you can see them here.