6th August 2021

Disk – design notes

We’ve always been partial to pieces of technology, particularly ones that were used up until quite recently. It’s interesting (to us at least) how problems were solved using the technology of the time, how solutions became globally successful and then made obsolete overnight by the next big thing.

One day an image of a floppy disk caught our eye. An item once produced by the million and found in offices and homes everywhere, now rarely seen. Time for a t-shirt…

The design process was a relatively simple one as the disk was a distinctively shaped standalone object that needed no introduction:

And so our new Disk design was born. Disk is the latest addition to our growing collection of retro tech t-shirts, which covers cool old stuff like turntables, VHS video, brickphones, and reel-to-reel recorders amongst others. You can see them all here.