21st December 2021

Superstar sellers 2021

A huge thank you to all of our customers for making 2021 our best year yet. We sold more t-shirts than ever before – but which ones sold the most? In reverse order, here comes our top 10 sellers in 2021…

At number 10 is our Over & Out shirt, featuring a strictly non-technical but nonetheless good-looking graphic illustrating the fundamental differences between oversteer and understeer.

T-lab-Mens-Paris-Roubaix Mens-t-shirt-model

It was an exceptionally good year for our cycling shirts this year and in at number 9 is our bouncy Paris-Roubaix design.


At number 8 is RoadRider. Rain isn’t really the cyclist’s friend, but when you’re still 20 miles from home there’s not much you can do about it, except carry on like the pro you are. And maybe swear a little bit : )

At number 7 is a name instantly recognisable to both ski fans and cyclists. Our Alpe d’Huez design uses half of an A (for Alp) to show the mountain and its hairpin turns, becoming more wild and broken up as the climb reaches its 1860m summit.

Number 5 on our best-selling list this year is Ski Funday – an illustrative look at a skier in full downhill go-for-it mode. The just-visible timer element in the red bar also hints at a bit of competition. It might be for fun, but no-one wants to be last down the mountain : )

Up to number 6 and we’re back onto four wheels. Mirabeau is the oldest design on this list – originally released in 2014 and still hanging in there with our best sellers.

At number 4 is our Roadtrip 101 t-shirt, a celebration of Highway 101, running down America’s west coast from Seattle to LA. Probably not sensible to do it in a big ol’ muscle car but sometimes sensible has to take a back seat.

Old-school vinyl has been making a comeback over the last few years and to prove, it straight into our list at number 3 is Turn, for music aficionados everywhere.

Climbing steeply at number 2 is the minimalist Ventoux, our tribute to France’s Mont Ventoux (‘Windy Mountain’), one of the most famous climbs in cycling. And coming in at number 1

… it’s Peloton. Inspired by the closeness and tightness of a fast-moving cycling peloton.The cyclists make great graphic shapes and Peloton has been one of our best-selling t-shirts since the day it came out. It’s also available as a poster.