9th April 2020

WFH – design notes

In the past ‘working from home’ has been given a bit of a bad rep. You’re not really working, they say, you’re just watching Netflix and eating chocolate.

Well, right now, a lot of us are being asked to work from home. So we wanted to create a t-shirt that celebrated working from home – letting people know that you were working hard and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. As well as watching Netflix and eating chocolate.

1 Working out the base typography

Here’s some early layouts. The top left looked a little bit plain and the top right doesn’t have a good shape. Bottom left looks a bit unsure of itself. Bottom right, with the letterspacing tightened up has a nice shape, and breaking the word working onto two lines makes it more decorative and distinctive. So we went with that.

2 Using graphics to refine the message

We wanted to portray working from home as something to be proud of. Substituting a star for the O in from worked well and also added a spark to the design. We then looked at adding other elements such as a coffee cup and smiley face to portray the friendly nature of wfh, but decided that ultimately, the star on its own was cooler.

3 Finalising the design

After working with different colourways we added a subtle second colour to the typography which added depth and made the final design look richer.

Finally, for printing we chose a maroon shortsleeve t-shirt and a heather grey longsleeve t-shirt to complement the design colours. You can see more details about the t-shirts in our shop here.