6th December 2019

Ready, get set, Raclette

Technically Raclette is no more than a semi hard swiss cheese. But its also the name of a high calorie diy gourmet experience involving melted cheese, potatoes, gherkins, cured meats and anything else you may care to add.

First mentioned in medieval texts in the late 13th century, Swiss cow herders would carry chunks of Raclette cheese with them to melt by their bonfires at night. A traditional dish in Switzerland, Raclette has also become popular as a party dish with calorie craving skiers at the end of their day.

If you order Raclette in Switzerland you’re likely to have your cheese scraped for you from one melting central chunk in the restaurant. If you order it in France you’re likely to have it brought to your table sliced up and with a small grill so you can heat it and scrape it yourself.

We’re with the French on this. Doing it yourself adds to the fun. In fact our very favourite form of Raclette is one you do yourself at home. Raclette machines can be bought easily online and the thrill of messing up your own dining table with melted cheese, cooked meats, friends, pickled veg and inadvisable amounts of wine is a pretty good way to spend an evening.

And so on to our Raclette t-shirt. Designed to bring to mind a circular cheese box, it also has a melty unpredictability to it and a semi-psychedelic vibe harping back to the swinging sixties when jet-set Brits first discovered the joys of Raclette.

Or as Telegraph.co.uk said “Let the cheesy good times rock, roll and trancey dance in this super-soft après wear”. (They might have had a lot of cheese before they wrote that.)

You can see it here. Enjoy!