14th April 2023

Roadtrip Scotland

Our Roadtrip Scotland design is a classic T-lab design with a twist. See the green curves as hills, the blue ones as lochs. A fun slice of 70’s retro ..

It’s not all just wishful thinking though, having taken an Alfa up the North Coast on recent Scottish Roadtrip No.1. It was only start of the 500, but took in the Bealach na Ba / Pass of the Cattle which crosses the Applecross peninsula. Motorhomes, cyclists and the top-down roadtrip squads of classic sports cars and bikes all converge on a winding, ridiculously steep single-track road through the mountains.

Recent Scottish Roadtrip No. 2 (same Alfa) took the East Coast route to John O’Groats, and then on the ferry across the Pentland Firth (one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world, they say) to the Orkney Islands. A feature of the East Coast drive is not just the green of the hills though, or the blue of the sea, but a band of yellow gorse which runs for miles and miles along the coast.

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