13th January 2023

Best sellers 2022

A huge thank you to all of our customers for helping us to sell a lot of t-shirts in 2022 – but which ones were the favourites? In reverse order here are our top ten best sellers for 2022…

First up is a t-shirt that isn’t a t-shirt and didn’t make it into our top ten. But we felt we should give a special mention to our Endurance 24 half-zip sweatshirt. It didn’t go on sale until October and yet still managed to make number eleven in our best seller’s list.

In a thrilling tie for ninth place – our ‘less is more’ 0-60 tribute to our blessed mother of acceleration, and our Alpina Womens jumper. Alpina is the first ever piece of knitwear to make it into our our top ten, so well done Alpina!

Ventoux 1911 was a new design for 2022, it wasn’t released until April but still made it into our charts at number 8.

At number 7 and equally popular with both skiers and cyclists was Alpe d’Huez.


The naughty-but-nice RainRider, another cycling-themed shirt, made it to number 6 on our best sellers list.

In at number 5 it’s our first tech-themed product, the glorious 1980’s inspired brickphone design that is Handheld.

Sticking with retro tech, our VU design has been selling well ever since it first launched and last year it was our 4th best seller.

Our Ventoux shirt is a perennial best seller and has been in our top two consistently for the last 5 years. Not last year though, it was pushed down to number three  😱,  possibly with a few sales lost to its newer rival, Ventoux 1911 (see above).

At number two, another consistent best seller, is our Peloton shirt. In previous years, finishing ahead of Ventoux would mean you were the number 1 seller, but not in 2022, oh no, because…

… our NUMBER ONE best seller last year was our vinyl loving Turn t-shirt. It proved to be very popular on Instagram and romped home at number one by quite a large margin.

You can take a closer look at our Turn design, in all its best-selling glory here.