21st May 2019

Get him a gift that gets him

The world would be a lesser place without Dads. The fixer uppers, the school runners, the cheerer uppers. So with Father’s Day approaching, we’ve been looking through our collection to pick out some designs that are particularly Dad friendly. So whether your Dad is a music lover, cycling fan, BBQ Star or travel enthusiast, you can get him a gift that gets him.

C90 – for Music Dad


The name C90 comes from the 90-minute cassette format – just enough to get a full album on each side. (If you don’t know what an album is, ask your Dad.) It’s our retro-styled tribute to this brilliant piece of tech, which in its 1980s heyday was the world’s favourite music format and sold by the billion. You can buy C90 here.

BBQ Star – for BBQ Hero Dad

Nothing beats a good barbecue. And cooking well on a charcoal barbecue is something of an art form, although luckily its a skill that most Dads think they possess.

Well fair enough – our BBQ Star design is a tribute to all those charcoal-smudged, hot-handed heroes making it happen over a hot grill and a cold beer. You can buy BBQ Star, in Charcoal Grey or Sky Blue, here.

Tourmalet – for Cycling Dad

T-lab Tourmalet mens t-shirt yellow full

Our Tourmalet shirt is inspired by the legendary Col du Tourmalet cycling climb in the French Pyrenees. Topping out at 2,115 metres, Tourmalet is one of the most famous climbs on the Tour de France, having been included more than any other pass.

Depending on your direction, Tourmalet is a 17-19km climb, with an average gradient of 7.4%. The pros can do it in about 1 hour. Your Dad – maybe a little longer. You can but Tourmalet, in yellow or blue, here.

Tuk Tuk – for Adventurer Dad

T-lab Tuk Tuk mens natural white t-shirt

Our Tuk Tuk t-shirt (or Autos, or Bajaji, or Rakshas depending on where you are) celebrates everything we like about these nippy and versatile little vehicles. Often customised by their owners, we love the way traditional Asian decor rubs shoulders with western-style ads for takeaway restaurants and mobile phones, creating a happy riot of mixed-media confusion. You can buy Tuk Tuk here.

T-120 – for Film Buff Dad


There’s something cool about recently-retro technology (OK, it could just be us. And your Dad.) – the world may have moved on from the video cassette, but T-120, with its promise of pure sound quality and glorious hi-tech TV test bars, is our tribute to this once-mighty technology. The colours look fantastic, and you can buy it here.

There’s lots more ideas for Dads in our mens t-shirt section, including t-shirts for car lovers, ski addicts, beach lovers and more here.