13th May 2019

BBQ Bling

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? The sun is shining, your friends are here, cold drinks, sizzling grill – it’s all good. And to enjoy all this you only need a basic piece of cooking equipment that you can buy for a few pounds at your local supermarket.

But that got us thinking. Supposing you wanted to push the boundaries. Suppose money was no object and you could buy any barbecue you wanted? What could you get? Here’s our guide to the best-looking BBQ’s and no expense spared.

Best for – minimalist style. Halo Cooltouch charcoal barbecue, £595


The British designed and built Halo Cooltouch features a triple skin construction which means that no matter how hot the inside gets, the outside always stays cool. As well as making it a very safe barbecue, the insulation also means that the Halo is incredibly fuel efficient.

The elegant, minimalist styling also makes it a favourite in the media, with Esquire magazine calling it ‘The trendiest barbecue on the planet.’

See more at www.notonthehighstreet.com/haloproductdesign

Best for – no-frills style. Buffalo charcoal barbecue, £239

The Buffalo has a tough, form-follows-function style, which we like. Made from no-nonsense stainless steel it’s got a long, dual zone cooking area so you can cook lots of different food, at lots of differing heat levels. And when you’re done, you can dissemble it into pieces and carry it away.

See more at www.nisbets.co.uk

Best for – luxurious style. Quan Quadro premium rolling kitchen, £6,876

Made by Polish ‘Garden Art’ company Quan, the Quadro premium rolling kitchen is a mini outdoor kitchen on wheels, featuring a BBQ grill, washbasin and even a water heater. Its sleek styling gives it a clean contemporary look, a long way away from the traditional barbecue. At almost £7,000 it isn’t cheap, but we’re just looking. For now…

See more at www.qubox.co.uk

Best for – most knobs and buttons. Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 RSBI, £4,999

Made in Canada, the gas powered nicely over-the-top Prestige Pro 835 features enough cooking space to cook 51 burgers simultaneously. It also has interior oven lights, an integrated ice bucket, Jetfire ignition, a power sideburner and backlit glow-in-the-dark cooking controls. If you want to be the barbecue Daddy, this is your machine.

See more at www.napoleon.com/en/uk/

Best for – cool factor. everdure by heston blumenthal FUSION Electric Ignition Charcoal BBQ, £799

Here at T-lab, if something looks good, then it’s off to a flying start. And we love the way this barbecue looks. It could easily be mistaken for a modernist hi-fi system with its brushed metal pedestal, matt black surround and minimalist switches. Created by British wunderchef Heston Blumenthal the FUSION features an electronic Fast Flame ignition system that makes it ready to cook in 10 minutes. And, did we mention, it looks very, very cool. It’s our favourite.

See more at www.johnlewis.com and www.everdurebyheston.co.uk

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