27th November 2019


“the quality of cycling art and design has improved dramatically over the past few years, currently culminating in the latest offering from T-lab”

The washingmachinepost is the world’s longest running cycling blog, containing the thoughts and experiences of Islay-based ‘famous member of the cycling media’ and ‘ageing velocipedinist’ Brian Palmer. If you like to read about cyclists and all things cycling it’s an interesting and informative place to spend some time, written as it is in Brian’s own personable style, which is refreshingly free of corporate jargon (and that’s putting it mildly).

We were very pleased then when washingmachinepost reviewed our new cycling posters, describing them as possessing ‘superlative graphic quality’, amongst other things. It is a thoughtful and wide ranging piece, ranging from Rapha’s first office through to the strictures of mrs washingmachinepost, via Brian’s bedroom wall.

You can see more of washingmachinepost here and all of our new poster range here.