AT T-LAB WE’VE ALWAYS LIKED the free, easy going nature of t-shirts and how they can be little pieces of personal expression. But it seemed to us that t-shirts were getting a little bit bland – a little bit lacking in spark and imagination.

So we wondered if we could use our design skills to create t-shirts that were, well, better. We wanted to design t-shirts that used colour, shape and content more creatively, to make t-shirts that were more fun and distinctive.

But would the world agree with us? There was only one way to find out…

We started a t-shirt business – T-lab. The name was a shortening of ‘T-shirt laboratory’, because it all felt like an experiment – we had no idea of how it was going to go.

Thankfully for us, it seemed plenty of people out there agreed with us. We’ve had our designs featured in publications such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express, Top Gear, Marie Claire and Esquire.

It also made sense to us that if you’re going to put  a lot of time and care into designing something then you  should also make sure that the t-shirts you print onto are equally good. Our t-shirts are beautifully made from 100% premium organic ring-spun combed cotton using certified sustainable production methods. They’re made to last, and they feel great to wear.

Since our early experimental days our range has expanded to include polos, sweats, Scottish knitwear and wall art.

We plan to carry on expanding our product range and whatever we make it will always be underpinned by our philosophy of creating things that are distinctive, well made and, of course, good-looking.